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Artistic Research | Interdisciplinary practice

Interweaving dance, Philosophy, Social Sculpture, Dialogical aesthetics, socially engaged art practice, my work explores marginality, stigma and empathy through Artistic Research. Empathy, as a special kind of imaginative act (Edith Stein) is a process that takes place between individuals, making the intersubjective space an evocative terrain for knowledge creation. Akin to a ‘stage-hand’ (Theron Schdmit), I make possible the conditions for empathy: including preparing the space with warmth materials (with Lara Niuwenhuis), exploring and embodying the space through light and shadows (with Elisabeth Wildling), creating and sensing resonance (with Aboli Dhayarkar) and open hardened ways of thinking, unfix meanings and create new anaesthetic responses to others (with Minou Polleros).
My embodied semantic analysis is coupled with socially engages art practice viz. designing empathy-practices to reduce the gap between mainstream society and marginalised communities (e.g. people suffering from stigma against leprosy, dementia, ageism, refugees). These take varied formats from tea-making to postcard-writing, and employ multiple art forms (like drawing, movement, weaving) depending on the inner capacity to be honed, and can be adopted to any conflict situation. Together, the collaborations and work in this portfolio, including classical dance performances and teaching experience, seek to expand our sesnsibilities, sensitivities, challenge the social status quo, flatten hierarchies, open spaces for multiplicities and create a sahridaya—someone with a heart, with whom we can have a heart to heart connection.

Artistic Research: Workshops
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Social Sculpture

Imagination - a source of knowledge

Under the able guidance of Prof. Shelley Sacks - a student and collaborator of Joseph Beuys, Janhavi has trained in Social Sculpture during a residency at the Social Sculpture Research Unit, Oxford Brookes Universtity, Oxford. While imbibing the concepts, strategies and significant forms of Social Sculpture Practices designed by Shelley Sacks and other students, Janhavi also developed her own (with Anna van Zeldern) and conducted a two-part lecture for the M.A. students titled "The Philosophical Underpinnings of Social Sculpture".



Facilitation | Design | Dialogue

Through her doctoral research, Janhavi designed and facilitated various practices for social interaction, involving drawing, weaving, clay modelling, tea-making and other artistic practices. These practices are aimed at starting a dialogue between mainstream society and marginalised communities, which can be adapted to various conflict situations.


Performance Philosophy

From Imagination to Creation

If you are already passionate about artisanship, why not become a pro? In my Beginner Class, I push students beyond the limits of imagination, and show them how to create wonderful pieces. Contact me today to get started.


Dr. Artium Thesis - Embodied Margins: Re-Imagining the Mainstream (2023).

Publication - Empathy as a Method for Artistic Research in Artistic Research: Is there some Method? 

Conference Presentations - SAR, DEMEDARTS, PSi

Artistic Research: Bio
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