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Janhavi is a multifaceted personality, having expertise in dance and academics.

Training in Odissi, a lyrical Indian Classical dance form from Orissa since the age of 4 years, Janhavi channelized her passions by studying in a Gurukul and training under the rigorous Guru-Shishya parampara.

Academics was never a ‘back-up’ but a sincere calling for her. After completing B.A. and M.A. from Pune University, she pursued her M.Phil from the prestigious K.U. Leuven University in Belgium. Thanks to her professors in India and Belgium, she imbibed unique research skills that have allowed her to carry on independent research till date. Combining her research interests in dance and philosophy, Janhavi has given numerous conference presentations in India and abroad.

Janhavi is the first in India to receive formal training in Social Sculpture – a discipline unheard of in India. During her Research Residency in Oxford, she developed a practice-oriented and inter-disciplinary approach to research and was part of many ‘small acts’ at the Social Sculpture Research Unit, Oxford Brookes University. She is a trained Earth Forum responsible participant (facilitator) and continues to work for the collaboration of the University of the Trees in India.

Janhavi has been an avid bird watcher and has camped extensively in wild life sanctuaries in India. An ardent world traveler and explorer, her other interests include trekking, exploring various art forms like painting, ceramics and constantly learning something new – be it a skill, a language, a new culture or new people and their stories.

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